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What is "SEO"?
SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization". When search engines 'crawl' the internet, they look for specific kinds of information. Search Engine Optimization is the process of making sure your website contains the relevant specific information that the search engines look for, so that you will rank higher in searches.SEO and SEM
Search engines use highly complex algorithims to determine where to place a website in search results, so it is impossible to guarentee a position. However, optimizing your website is key to making sure you place higher than competitors for relevant searches.
ZopOnline pages are designed to present the most relevant content to users and specific relevant information to search engines, all at a low cost to you.

What is "SEM"?
  • SEM stands for "Search Engine Marketing". When you start an internet marketing campaign, it is important to know what people are searching, so that you are not wasting money on irrelevant key words. ZopOnline SEM experts will make sure your ads are targeted geographically to the right people, with only the most relevant keywords, so that you can run the most effecient Online Ad Campaign possible.
What does this all mean for my business?
Combining strong SEO and SEM strategies will mean that your business gets found in search when people look for it. By combining geographical targeting, special SEO and SEM tools, and our experience, ZopOnline will improve your visibility in search results.

A Client Ranking 4th Organically in search results

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